Stop Trying, Start Doing

As far as life is concerned, I always somehow feel like I’m doing the wrong thing. Whether it be the diet regimen I’m following, the career path I’m contemplating, or even just the way I use workout equipment at the gym, I always convince myself I am doing something wrong and back out without giving it a true shot. I feel like it is normal and healthy to doubt yourself, especially when you’re doing something you haven’t before, but sometimes you need to just stop hesitating and confidently carry on with what you’re doing. It’s better to attempt and fail than to wonder what could’ve come from attempting something you’ve always wanted to. But don’t just try, trying is somewhat of a cop-out. Going into something expecting failure is trying; Going into something expecting success is doing. So go out, do what you have always wanted to do and succeed at it. Set aside your uncertainties, put in all of the effort you can, and just do it (shout out to Nike for the SUPER creative tag line).

This might be the cheesiest blog post ever, but I’m mostly writing it for myself because I lose motivation so easily. Plus, I saw this sign in the parking garage I was in today and felt inspired by the words “Wrong Way” to talk about self-doubt on my blog.



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