I’m like the “everything but the kitchen sink” kind of blog, but now that I think about it, I might have a post centered around kitchen sinks at some point, so I guess I’ll just be the everything blog. 

Why am I here writing this blog? Not because I have a passion for writing, and not because I love blogs (I have never even read or looked at a blog before) like most people who start them. In all honesty, I am just trying hard to fill a void. I talk a lot, like A LOT, and I recently started getting into photography so I figured why not combine the two and make a blog? I am trying new things, different things, and hoping one will click. I have high hopes for the blogging world.

Who am I? My life as it stands doesn’t consist of much. I have few friends, few hobbies, and a few pounds to lose. I am just trying to find something that makes me happy and fulfilled. I have no interest in living a miserable and serious life, so I’m here to share my thoughts and photos with whoever wants to read and see them. Maybe I’ll have some advice to offer, maybe I’ll have some healthy recipes to offer, maybe I’ll show you some cute/affordable decor and outfits, or maybe I’ll just have some beautiful photographs to share. Whatever it may be, I hope you enjoy every last inch of the content I will be curating.

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your morning or evening or afternoon.