I started my very own home brew of Kombucha last week and it is bringing me so much more joy and excitement than I could’ve ever imagined. It is amazing how something so simple and pure can cause me to feel so much fulfillment, however I am not that surprised. I always find myself trying to fill voids in my life by over spending money on useless things that will mean nothing to me later on, but actually doing something that I genuinely enjoy, even as small as brewing a batch of Kombucha, always makes me feel so much happier. I love my beautiful little SCOBY and Ooglies so much and I’m beyond ecstatic to start a continuous brew and play with different flavor combinations.

Happy Brewing 🙂 

Asian Kimchi Salad


Mixed Greens, Kimchi, Pickled Ginger, Mini Heirloom Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds, Miso Dressing
(For added protein, top with Salmon)